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Welcome To R-LAWNS


This is more than just a slogan, this is the basis we stand behind at R-LAWNS.  R-LAWNS was started back in 1986 when I was in search of a lawn care company to care for my property.  After receiving numerous bids that never seemed to meet my needs, and frustrated with what had become of the lawncare industry, R-LAWNS was created.  It was created with one simple goal in mind..... to treat the customers lawn as if it were our own.  To care enough to do a little extra, and to take pride in our work.

R-LAWNS is locally based in Middletown, Connecticu., which keeps us close to our customers and their needs.  We pride ourselves on being family owned and operated, which means that an owner of  R-LAWNS will always be on your property while work is being performed.  This eliminates the chances that a question or concern can not be addressed immediately. 

Why we stand out...

R-LAWNS employees are always well identified by their uniforms and are always professional while on your property.

R-LAWNS prides itself on state-of-the-art equipment, that is clean and well identified, which makes your property stand out and look great.

SPRING is in the Air

Crabgrass can ruin the beauty of your lawn.  It won't go away, and even winter cold won't kill it!  Spring is the time for the first lawn feeding of the season, and your only shot at crabgrass prevention.

Crabgrass will continue to stay green during a drought due to its unique defense system that uses water more efficiently than lawn grass.  Crabgrass prefers warmer temperatures for optimum growth.




Available Services:

Lawn Care


Snow Plowing

Light construction

Parking lot sweeping

Light Tree work

Stump Grinding


Servicing the Middlesex Area

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